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Meditation for Women

As women, we all need places to find our centre again, to relax and connect to our Higher Power.


This year I am leading a monthly meditation group for women in Canberra.  Initially, we will be focusing on each of the main chakra's, from the Base up to the Crown. We will be doing visualisations, silent meditations and exercises to strengthen and unblock each chakra.   If you are interested in meditation and connecting with other women in a relaxing, gentle atmosphere, please join us :)


Click the links below to RSVP to a meeting of your choice :)

Please note: You need to be a member of Meetup and Freeform Meditation to use this app :) Free to join :)

 Sacred Women's Circles

Our relationships with other women... are so important in our life journey.  When we draw together in a circle, magic happens.  The support, love and care we receive, help our hearts to open... slowly but surely we build trust and live from a greater place of authenticity. 


Women have been gathering in circles for many, many millennia.  Around the fire; holding a babe on her hip, cooking, tending her loved ones or welcoming a new child,  saying goodbye to a deeply loved one or celebrating a new threshold through ritual and dance.


In 2019 I will be conducting Women's Circles.  These circles are born from my own journey as a therapist, artist, mother, partner and lightworker.  Holding Sacred Space is a privilege I hold with honour and close to my heart.


If you would like to join a small, sacred group of women, please join this list here, to find out when my next group will be running.  I would so love to have you join us for a journey of transformation, love and fun.

Who is Alli?

Alli has spent the last 25 years working as a family counsellor, art therapist, artist and lightworker.  Alli has a deep passion for people, their potential and also their creative expression.


With a gentle heart, she leads and inspires others to live from a place of deeper authenticity and soul connectedness.