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@2019 Proudly created by Alli Kristiansen

"Breathtaking symbology"

"As a surprise for my 5oth birthday, my dear husband arranged a Soul Portrait by Alli,   Armed with only my favourite colours, Alli went to work on applying paint to a new canvas and just turning it while she allowed her intuitive impressions to arise for me.


On the big night of my celebration, I got such a surprise to receive this gift! When it was unveiled, there was an audible gasp of wonder from the crowd, at the beauty of the painting.


Alli had created a Soul Portrait she called "The Sheppardess". This woman, the sheppardess, was holding a crook, surrounded by flowers beside a tree with a Robin Redbreast perched in the branches.  All of these images were very significant to me.  I was so surprised that Alli had intuitively tapped into what held deep importance in my life, with no previous knowledge of these facts. 


The artwork is hanging in my bedroom now and every day I see more of the deeper meanings, which brings so much joy to my life and sets my soul on fire!"


Thanks, Alli and Jude for my wonderful gift: :)"


Daisy, Harrison ACT Australia

"Inspiration and hope for my clients"

"I have loved Alli's art for some time now - the colours she uses; her designs and her beautiful themes of inspiration and healing. I suppose the only way I can describe how I feel when I look at her works of art is "joy".


When I was designing my home-based therapy practice I asked Alli if she could paint me an original piece of art for my practice because I wanted my clients to also feel this sense of joy - as well as comfort and healing. My only request to Alli was to incorporate my corporate colours of blue and purple and then I left everything else up to her intuition and her amazing creative imagination.


To say I was delighted with the final piece was an understatement! I just absolutely love it! And so do my clients. Alli's beautiful Soul Portrait for my business inspires hope in my clients and adds to the supportive, healing environment that I have created for my practice."


Thank you, Alli, for this beautiful piece of art. xo


If you would like an inspirational Soul Portrait for your business or your personal life, please click the link to the right for more information :) 

"A life-affirming spiritual message"

'A few months ago, I purchased this beautiful piece from Alli of Diilhami Art. It now takes pride of place on my altar in my meditation room.


When I first saw this painting I felt that it had been painted for me. It spoke directly to my personal struggle to stay open to life and trust in the wise counsel of my heart...


When I find myself in inconceivably dark phases in my life;  those in between twilight spaces where one feels lost or abandoned, and the 'soul-making' process of imagination is somehow frozen or dried up, such life-affirming messages like...' You Are Loved....' provide solace and comfort. This message resonates with a familiar knowing that all will be well again when I'm reunited once more with the fullness of Love that is always there within.


It's a simple but profound message. A perennial mantra that I keep close to my heart and hearth.


Thank you, Alli, for your truly inspiring Artwork.'

Lee, Geelong AUSTRALIA