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Soul Portraits - See the beauty of your soul...

Private Soul Portraits
They say that a picture paints a thousand words... On your journey to conscious creative empowerment, you need something that instantly reminds you how loveable, talented, and authentically beautiful you are.  A tool that helps you get back on track with feeling empowered and inspired into action.  And that's exactly what a SOUL PORTRAIT does!

A Soul Portrait speaks to you through symbol, colour, and soul metaphor.  These creations are designed to take you right back into that place of inspiration and motivation every time you look at them. They help you to connect with your Higher Self, keep your heart more open & your vibration higher.  Soul Portraits also help to open the door to greater creativity, intuitive trust, and abundance.

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Prices start at $250 AUD for a small canvas (40 x 40cms).

 Business Soul Portraits
Simone of 'Personally Empowered' contacted me because she wanted an artwork for her business that would encapsulate the heart and soul of who she was and her dynamic work with people.  Simone asked me to use her 'corporate' colours - being mauve, teal and aqua.  At the time I was painting mainly in fiery reds and oranges, so it was challenging to change palettes but I knew I'd rise to that request! A majestic dove appeared on the canvas, in amongst an intense storm.  A message of hope arose, depicting beautifully, the hope that Simone engenders in her clients.  She was delighted with the finished pieces!  They hang with pride in her office and Simone feels they complement perfectly the work she does with clients.
If you would like a striking soul portrait to encapsulate the essence of your business, please, click the link below.
Prices start at $250 AUD for a small artwork (40 x 40cms).