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Frequently asked questions...

What is expressive art therapy and how does it work?

Expressive Art Therapy is the practise of using creative means of expression: drama, dance/movement and art-making (collage, finger-painting, clayfield etc.) to bring change to ones inner and outer worlds.

These practises, nurtured in a professional relationshiop can unlock trauma and fascilitate healing, which can then lead to living a life of greater personal expression and freedom.

The beauty of E.A.T. is that hours of verbal recitation of previous traumatc or negative experiences are not needed.  Metaphors and symbols arise from a deeper place than the rational mind, which help 'unlock' what was previously stuck.  Our bodies and psyche's desire to heal but sometimes fear and an inability to articulate what is 'stuck' creates an impasse.  E.A.T. bypasses these obstacles to bring amazing insight and resolution.

The therapist supports this process of finding meaning in these creative expressions and he/she aids in exploring ways to understand and integrate growth.

What are the advantages of Expressive Art Therapy?

What is your professional experience?

Are you qualified? What is your training?

Where do you find your artistic inspiration?

Why do you practise art?

How long have you been painting?

Can I buy your art?

What is Wild Soul Intuitive Coaching?

How does coaching work?

How long does coaching last for?

Can I get a refund is I can't come to a workshop or need to cancel my WS coaching session?